Jewellery: why buy second-hand?

30 to 60% cheaper than a new product and in many cases of better workmanship, used jewellery offers an advantageous purchase option.


Antique, modern or contemporary jewellery, rare pieces, luxury watches, major brands or small jewellers, the second-hand market offers lovers a wide choice of precious items at an attractive price, or even broken. Second-hand jewellery is traded between 30% and 60% (sometimes more) cheaper than a new, identical or equivalent product. Whether it is a pretty solitaire, an extravagant bracelet, ring and necklace set or a prestigious house watch, the financial gain is in any case substantial.

Last but not least, the second-hand market offers the opportunity to acquire an old, 19th century and earlier, or modern jewel, Art nouveau, Art deco, designer model, whose aesthetic qualities and craftsmanship, according to experts and specialized antique dealers, are often better than those of the products manufactured today. This is due in particular to recent developments in production and sales techniques used in the luxury and jewellery industries, which tend to favour profit over art. At the moment other market sectors….

Many shops and sites (, to name but a few) offer a vast selection of second-hand jewellery, old and contemporary, signed by major houses (Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Boucheron…), exceptional pieces, luxury watches and gold and silverware. Most of the precious objects offered for sale are carefully examined by gemologists and, if necessary, repaired and polished in workshops and “physical” shops. The result: jewellery that looks like new at an attractive price. However, prices are even lower when you buy your jewellery from second-hand sites. Unfortunately, you have no valid warranty in this case. Always ask for a certificate of authenticity if it is a jewel or a brand watch.